Experience a whole world in a small country

Unique Travels was established in order to give the best service in tourism in Israel. Our specialty is planning tours all over Israel for companies, groups and individuals. We provide all the services needed by tourist in Israel – lodging, transportation, professional licensed tour guides, attractions and national parks. We will be more than happy to give you our best, fastest and polite tourism service in order to provide you with the tour of your choice.


Our company regards at guidance as an important issue at the organized tour and that's why more sure care of that you will enjoy professional guidance by a licensed tour guide who was certified by the Israeli ministry of tourism. Our licensed tour guides will provide you with the most professional and polite service in order that your organized trip will be educated, pleasant and full of fun.


We know that tours can be very exhausting and that’s why we will take care of the best lodging rooms, according to client's demand, at hotels all over Israel.


Our company looks at the transportation issue whether it be tourism buses or VIP vehicles, as an important part of the organized trip and that’s why our company will arrange for the best tourism vehicles available to escort you all over the country.

Attractions and national parks

In the last few years, new high quality attractions, museum and national parks were opened in Israel. We will make sure that your visit will include part of these high quality museums, attractions and national parks.

Izik Polack

My name is Izik Polack and I have been researching and knowing my country for many years. In my various stations in life I learned a great deal about our country, our people, our environment, and continued to investigate and deepen my knowledge of these areas of interest. At my adult life, I chose to work as a professional Tour-guide and successfully completed a course for tour-guides and since then I have been involved in private and educational tourism. In 2006, as part of the development of my "Touristic Product", I set up "Unique Travels" in order to make the past and present of Israel accessible to anyone who wishes to know. In addition to my experience in the field of tourism, I successfully completed my BA studies at the Department of Land of Israel Studies and the Department of Middle Eastern History and MA studies at the Land of Israel Studies Department, both at the University of Haifa.
My knowledge and professionalism have led me to other areas of professional interest. Among other things, I deal in historical research and in writing Conservation Research Papers for buildings and sites designated for preservation.

Licensed Tour guide

At the end of the year 2004, I successfully completed a course for tour guides. During the course I studied many fields of knowledge, such as the historical periods at the Land of Israel, the empires who ruled here, archeology, nature and environment, botany, geology, zoology, Judaism, Islam, Christianity and religious arts. I have a tourist guide license by the Ministry of Tourism (license no. 7571) and permit for driving private tour car.

BA studies

at the year 2006 I began my undergraduate studies at the University of Haifa at the Department of Land of Israel Studies and at the Department of Middle Eastern studies. As part of my studies I learned about the Land of Israel from two points of view - that of the Land of Israel and that of the Arab empires from the Middle East. The connection between these two fields of history enables a broad view of events that took place in Israel and their context in world history.

Accompanying groups abroad

In addition to my undergraduate studies at the University, I successfully completed a course of Tour-leaders accompanying groups abroad as part of the Haifa University School of Tourism, where I studied principles for guiding touring groups abroad. I participated in a apprentice's tour to Italy - the familiar and well-known cities like Rome, Venice, Florence and Pisa and other special places in Tuscany and more.

Master's degree

In order to deepen my knowledge of the history of the Land of Israel, I continued my studies at the Department of Land of Israel Studies at the University of Haifa. As part of the studies, I expanded my knowledge about writing Conservation Research Papers for buildings and sites designated for preservation and wrote a research paper on the urban outline of Acre during the Ottoman and Crusader periods. These days I continue to study the city of Akko as part of my Ph.D studies.